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At Abacus Wills & Trusts, we know there is nothing more important than family. We firmly believe that everybody has a responsibility to make sure their family is protected and taken care of when they are gone, which is why we are fully dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with comprehensive information and services, to help you achieve peace of mind in the knowledge that all of your affairs are in order. Our dedicated team of Will writers are always ready and willing to provide a compassionate and personal service, tailored to your needs, and are available at your convenience seven days a week to meet with you in person.

Our Wills Writers and Estate Planner Services Can Help You

Will Writing and Trust creation can be a complicated process, but our legal specialists are all highly trained experts, and are committed to informing and assisting you to the best of their ability, helping you in producing the documents you need. Our Will writers aim to make Will writing and trusts as straight-forward and cost effective as possible. We also provide estate planner services which can be incorporated into your Will or trust. Our Will writers endeavour to keep your Will up to date, tax effective and safely stored for the rest of your life, as well as offering your family assistance with probate. We are always looking to save money for our clients, by researching ways to reduce inheritance tax liabilities and improve our service. Our legal team keep in regular contact with our appointed Solicitor and accountants to ensure we adhere to current legislations and policies that will affect our clients.

Why Choose Abacus Wills and Trusts

Here at Abacus we are always searching for ways to extend the range of our services and support to those who need it. For the past 15 years, we have provided Will writing and estate planner services throughout the UK and Europe and now implementing structures to extend our services worldwide. It has been our goal to provide caring and compassionate support to all who need it. This is the ethos behind Abacus that we strive to deliver to all of our customers. We will also ensure that any document we create for you is low cost, competitive and we’ll endeavor to best any quote from elsewhere, all whilst always maintaining our professional standards.

  • Our specialist practioners provide a bespoke service and are able to come and visit you in the comfort of your home at any time of the day to make the process easier for you

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