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Writing Your International Will


Many ex-pats or those who live abroad with family living in the UK require Wills that are applicable not only to English law, but also adhere to the law of the relevant country. We know that the fun of living abroad can detract from the reality of creating solid legal documentation, so you’ll find below… Read more »

What are the Main Trust Types?


As specialists in our field, we understand that the terminology and vast amount of information on Trusts can sometimes be a daunting task, particularly with the gravity behind making decisions on trust funds. For this reason, we’ve broken down the main types of trust funds for you below. The Main Types of Trust Funds: •… Read more »

Understanding Probate


Once a person dies, their Will goes into probate. This is the process where the Executor(s) of the Will applies to get a ‘Grant of Representation’ or a ‘Grant of Probate’ to access the estate of the deceased person and distribute everything according to the Will left. You can apply for the Grant of Probate,… Read more »