A Trust Fund Right for You with Abacus Wills & Trusts

Unlike a Will, which only comes into effect after you die, a trust comes into effect once it has been enacted. Though there are many different types, a trust generally is a legal relationship, represented in a legally binding document, in which you (the settlor) put assets into a trust for a beneficiary/beneficiaries (the person(s) who benefits from the trust) and appoint trustees to manage the trust. These trustees implement your wishes on your behalf after you die.

A trust fund can be used for a number of reasons, for example: to protect family assets or to pass them on whilst you’re still alive (to pass them on after you die is a ‘Will trust’) or when an individual is either too young, or lacks the capacity to handle their own affairs. Due to their nature, they’re often referred to as ‘family trusts’.

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