We can create Spanish Wills and International Wills with our International Will Writing

Foreign assets, whether property, time-shares, bank accounts, investments or holiday homes, can create complications for any U.K. Domicile. Although a British Will should suffice, needless to say it can create complications due to probate issues and HMRC legislation. Therefore we would recommend creating an appropriate international Will. 

Depending on what country you have your foreign assets held in, you may be subject to double taxation as a result of treaties with the United Kingdom. As this can be a complicated matter; we can advise you on this.

Foreign assets can complicate the distribution of the estate once an individual has deceased, and can delay probate by a considerable amount of time. Translation, and legal interpretation may also be required too, which we can also help with.

Because we know that having foreign assets and adding them to your Will or any trusts can be a complicated subject, we can advise you accordingly and create an appropriate International Will for you.

We will also ensure that any document we create for you is low cost, competitive and we’ll endeavor to beat any quote from elsewhere, all whilst always maintaining our professional standards.